Memphis Welcomes 'SmokeSlam': A Barbecue Extravaganza


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Unprecedented BBQ Competition in Memphis
Memphis, Tennessee, is gearing up for an extraordinary barbecue event, 'SmokeSlam.' Slated for May 16-18, 2024, at the scenic Tom Lee Park, the festival is a thrilling convergence of over 100 barbecue teams.

A Blend of Competition and Culture
Melzie Wilson, a revered figure in the BBQ realm, joins the event’s steering committee. Wilson emphasizes that 'SmokeSlam' is more than a contest; it's a cultural festivity that mirrors the vibrant spirit of Memphis.

Record-Breaking Prizes and Diverse Categories
'SmokeSlam' is set to make history with a $250,000 prize pool. Categories span from traditional ones like Whole Hog and Ribs to innovative ones like Dessert and Seafood. Winners in select categories will also earn a chance to compete in the prestigious World Food Championship.

A Festival Beyond BBQ
Apart from the fiery competition, 'SmokeSlam' will feature a carnival, a marketplace, and interactive food events. The festival aims to be a holistic experience, merging Memphis's rich barbecue tradition with its musical heritage.

Music and Merriment
In true Memphis style, the festival will host live music across various genres. The organizers promise an inclusive atmosphere, appealing to BBQ enthusiasts, families, and music lovers alike.

Participation and Further Information
Registration for competitors opens soon, with options for different booth spaces. For more information or to register, visit the provided website or contact Forward Momentum.

This event marks a significant milestone in Memphis's barbecue legacy, promising an unparalleled experience for participants and visitors alike.

More information: press release


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